KNPB Cries for Papua Independence Referendum! - Free West Papua Campaign

Not yet dry the wound after the murder of 17 Trans Papua road workers
On December 1 in Nduga.
Those people were killed in the hands of their brothers
Who roared for independence.

The KNPB refused to spread the unfortunate news;
They keep yelling out for independence.
When all the grieving families are still tightly hugging their brothers’ coffin.

There are still so many plans;
Hoping that later Papuans will live easier,
Hoping that later Papuans to live happily.

However, the cries for the independence referendum continued to surge
As if it will be the real solution for this never ending conflict
Secretly you acted like a victim in international media
As if your mouth is held, as if your hands are tied.

Maybe our heart has forgotten that
We are born from ‘Unity in Diversity’;
We differ in race, ethnicity, religion, and language.

Indonesia does not belong to a particular group
Does not belong to a particular race
Does not belong to a particular religion

Indonesia is from Sabang to Merauke
Moreover, our unity should not be shaken;
Even though we are coming from various groups
Because we are Indonesia.

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