Foreign Journalists and NGOs Difficult to Enter - Free West Papua Campaign

State Instability

In the 1990s, both journalists and foreign NGOs were difficult to enter West Papua. It was a time when dark times due to human rights violations in the New Order era were still so strong in Indonesia. Victims consist of categories of gross human rights violations including: death, disappearance, injury, arbitrarily detained, tortured and sexual violence.

The instability of the state gives fear of foreign intervention at the same time, so that in the end Indonesia is more selective in choosing foreign journalists and NGOs.

National Disputes explained that in the same year, the government imposed special permits covering other journalistic activities in East Timor (currently Timor Leste). The reporting of foreign journalists pushed the province of East Timor to become its own country. Fear of dividing the integrity of the nation makes Indonesia selective to reopen itself to foreign journalists and NGOs. When journalists and foreign NGOs enter Indonesia, there is a fear for the Indonesian people themselves that there will be interests brought by journalists and foreign NGOs. NGOs provide a role in responding to negative matters related to crimes against humanity committed by a country, but it cannot be denied, every NGO project will be adjusted to the preferences of donors. On the other hand, the movement of the Armed Criminal Civil Group (KSKB) is carrying out a rebellion, thus increasing the likelihood of news dividing the nation’s integrity.

Freedom of PERS and NGOs in the era of Jokowi’s Government

The process of entering the press and NGOs that were previously complicated in 2015 began to be facilitated. explained that Jokowi officially revoked the ban on foreign journalists from entering Papua. According to Jokowi Papua is the same as other regions. Currently organizations such as the ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) have even been operating actively and have offices in Fakfak and Wamena. Journalist.Asing.di.Papua.asalkan.

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